a heart, longing for more of it's Lover.

About Me

I am a 24 year old, college graduate – with a certification to teach English overseas. My heart’s longing and desire is to pay off some bills and move to the Dominican Republic to teach English as my ministry. I also have my credentials to teach music as well, and there is a music school that I would love to plug into once I get my school started.

I have been on nine overseas trips which have been the catalyst in which God revealed to me that I am to be teaching in the DR. (Russia, Brazil, South Korea  [3 times], Guatemala, & the Dominican Republic [3 times].) Strangely enough, I feel homesick for the DR when I am not there. I am anxious to return!

I have been on a journey for almost three years in which I have realized there is more to Christianity than just praying a prayer of repentance and then trying your best to live according to the Word. Asking God to show me this has been the most incredible adventure of my life! I still fail, stumble, and mess up every day…but oh the mercy and love of the Savior! It’s overwhelming — and it never fails!

So, this will be a place I pour out my heart. Sometimes I ramble — sometimes I’ll only drop a quote that meant something to me that day. I pray that all exemplifies the glory of God Almighty.


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