a heart, longing for more of it's Lover.

Living Water

I stumbled down the long path, weary and thirsty. I was promised that somewhere down this path there stood a well that would quench my thirst. I’d been trekking for days, it seemed, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t have moments where I glanced back over my shoulder to see if anyone was paying any attention to me or the path I was walking. Perhaps I was crazy to walk this road — but you should have HEARD the way they were talking about this well! It was if the water it held was magical or something. So, I kept down this road, in spite of my thirst and weariness. If this well was all they said it was, then it’ll definitely be worth the travel.

There it was. The stones standing above the ground looked old and some of them were broken. I felt sick in the pit of my stomach, “Oh no. It doesn’t look very promising.” I quickly shook of the feeling of dread – it was just old and well-used, I was sure. My steps brought me closer. Really – the others were speaking so highly of what this cistern held…I looked over the edge of the 4-foot stone wall. I collapsed in disbelief. Empty. There were cracks all along the wall and it was void of anything that was promised me days before when I started on this journey for sustenance. I couldn’t believe it. I was fooled into believing this well would hold something better than what I already knew was enough.

What a predicament I was in. There was no way I could survive the journey back – I was far too dehydrated. I would die if I began back down the dry, dusty road back to the place I knew I should be without some kind of nourishment. Not knowing what to do, I sank lower into the ground – tears leaving streaks as they made their way down my dirty face. How could I have had such a lapse in judgement? There is only One that can satisfy — and His name is the I Am. How in the world did I allow someone to convince me to look for satisfaction and fulfillment elsewhere? Now look – there I was, about to lose my life because I had walked far from the One who GAVE me life.

Jesus. His Name was on my lips. “Jesus.” I need Him. I had to find my way back. If I stayed at the broken cistern, I would not be made well. I had to try to make it back! Frantically, I grabbed the cistern to pull myself up and turned, ready to walk as quickly as I could back the way I came — and I hit something that seemed like a Rock. Solid, yet warm. Then I felt His arms. Jesus had come for me. He met me right where I was, in my point of need. Tears streaming, I knelt and begged forgiveness. “Forgiveness is yours, My child. Come, drink of the Living Water. You shall never thirst again.” The cup that He handed me…it was overflowing. The water – sweeter than any I’d ever tasted. My need – met. My desires – fulfilled. My satisfaction – complete. He was and is all I’ve ever or will need.


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