a heart, longing for more of it's Lover.

The Manger (through the eyes of a shepherd)

As we topped the hill, I could see it. It was the stable the Angel told us held the Holy Child. There was a bright star that illuminated the place where He was. Suddenly, my steps slowed. Don’t get me wrong — they didn’t slow from fear. No, my fear had gone when the Angel calmed us with his words, “Fear not.” No, my steps slowed because I could already tell there was something almost…sacred…about this place. I wanted so badly to look at the faces of the other shepherds to see if they could sense the same but I just couldn’t take my eyes off the scene that lay before us.

We had gotten close enough to see the mother and father. They looked SO tired but the peace on their faces…it was unmistakable. It looked as if something they had been waiting on for a long time had finally come to pass.

Oh! How my breath caught in my throat when I saw Him! The Baby – the Holy Child – there was something captivating about His eyes. When He looked at me, I felt as if He could see much more deeply than any other eye could see.

I had never seen a child like this one – not any day before nor any day since! His countenance – it radiated peace and love. In His eyes I saw compassion. Do not ask me how one could find compassion in the eyes of an infant, for I do not know how to explain it to you, but never will you convince me that I did not see it there. It was as if, while I beheld Him, that His compassion and unconditional love permeated deep into me.

His little fists were clenched as if He were holding something. Little did I know that night, He truly was holding something. This Baby was born to bring gifts into the world that would change all of eternity! Had I reached down and unfolded His tiny fingers, perhaps I would have found a conglomeration of freedom, victory, peace, joy, and countless prophecies fulfilled.

Unbeknownst to us, the Miracle that came into the view of mankind that special night would unfold over the next span of time and it would change EVERYTHING. The prayers of the generations since the beginning of time were answered in the birth of this Child.

This Baby’s life would change darkness to light! The shadow of death would be changed to the dawn, joy would be increased, yokes would be shattered & the power of sin, conquered!! Victory won, captives set free, the sick would be healed, every broken heart bound back together and all tears wiped away in the name of this tiny Holy Child.

How could the salvation of all mankind would be delivered through one tiny babe? He would have to be perfect, spotless, as a lamb without blemish. He would have to be the Son of God. He was and is and always will be. Jesus. Emmanuel. God with us.


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  1. Beautifully expressed ….

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