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Defeated Christians (the greatest oxymoron)

I am astounded at how often I, and others around me who identify themselves as Christians, live in utter defeat. We are stumbling around as if in a darkness — as wounded soldiers. 

Did you know you, child of God, are a soldier? Maybe that’s the first issue. Our society is so consumed with “self” and “what brings me pleasure or comfort” or “I want it now” or maybe even “I can do this on my own. I don’t need to rely on anyone to help me.” Sometimes people live their entire lives completely oblivious to the fact that they were created to live and thrive in a world that we cannot see with our physical eyes. God created us to live for Him – to honor Him – to bring HIM pleasure. Well, in order to do that, we must engage in the spiritual realm…because God IS Spirit and that is the only way to connect with Him. If the enemy can blind a person from the entire spiritual realm — then he can rest easy that that individual will not accomplish much at all for the Kingdom of Heaven and they will be easily defeated when they face trials and temptations.


More often than not — a Christian is at least somewhat aware of the spiritual realm. Yet still, when faced with trials and temptations, I see Christians falling and being torn down by these life-storms more than they are standing firm. The Scriptures tell us to stand firm over and over again. If we are to stand firm, and God has given us everything we need to live this life the way He commands us to, then there has GOT to be a reason that so many live so defeated and there MUST be a way to fix it.

I’ve been praying about why I see Christians seem to lose their footing as they climb upon the Rock (that’s Jesus. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, so we know that if people stand upon Him and they fall, it is NOT because Christ changed or moved in the slightest!) I have a picture in my mind that I want to share with you. Keep in mind, I just said we are soldiers. We are in a battle. (Read Ephesians chapter 6 for more insight.)


Jesus, the Rock, is immovable. Un-shifting. Un-changing. Strong fortress. As I look around, I see a huge number of people, masses of people, who have climbed down off of the Rock to sight-see, to travel, to taste of the fruit from the trees below, to visit with other people who fascinate them but would not ever be caught dwelling on the Rock. I look up into the rugged terrain of the cliff-side and see the enemy. He is wearing a sly grin, crouched down behind some wild bushes so that he would not be visible to the people who had slid down off of the Rock. Of course, he didn’t have to work too hard to hide because most of them would not have noticed who he was or the damage he could do even if he walked up to them and spoke to them face-to-face. With a self-satisfied chuckle, he aimed his arrow at his target. I looked upon the face of the man that the enemy was targeting and just before the enemy let the arrow fly, the man saw him and began to scramble in great haste towards the Rock. It was too late. Not only did the arrow fly much faster than the man could run, that man had left his armor — the armor of God — on the Rock. He had no protection. Now wounded, the man went to search for his Father to repair the damage done by the enemy…defeated for at least a season. 

 There was a woman who had never really left the Rock but she didn’t like the effort she had to put forth to carry the armor around all day long everyday. She didn’t mind wearing the armor a few hours at a time, a few days a week…but most of the time, she would just take it off and leave it somewhere in her general vicinity for ease of access. Again, my eyes landed upon the enemy — that sly-grin made me grimace — and I heard the shrill laugh of the evil one as he let the arrow fly for the woman. She heard the laugh too — she knew the arrow was coming — but she didn’t even have time to pick up the shield of faith before that arrow hit it’s mark. Defeated Christian.

One by one, people were being defeated. Each in a unique way — but all ending up as if they were dead men walking. Overcome. Those arrows look different in every life. Depression, addiction, broken hearts, broken families, hatred, bitterness, laziness, anger, sexual immorality, lust, pride…and the list goes on. BUT GOD DID NOT CREATE US TO WALK DEFEATED. There should be something that differentiates us from unbelievers — and one of the greatest signs that we are truly children of God is that in the face of every trial and hardship and life-storm — we can live VICTORIOUS. We are not dead men walking! We are ALIVE in Christ — empowered by His very Spirit to live as OVERCOMERS.


In our culture — we “fulfill our Christian duties” by going to Church, giving our tithes and offerings, and we do as good as we can the rest of the week. If we fail, we beat ourselves up for not being a “good Christian” and make sure to condemn ourselves as much as we deem necessary before we finally ask for forgiveness from the Lord. The “holy roller coaster” is familiar to most every believer in the States. If it’s a good time, we are “on the mountaintop” and if things get hard, we are “in the valley.” Have you ever thought that maybe God didn’t create us to spend so much time in the valley?

I’m not saying that life can be perfect for any person, no matter how good they are. Jesus promised us that following Him would be hard. But Jesus also promised us that He would give us the POWER to live this life in a way that we aren’t demolished by every trial and temptation — and that is the Power of His Holy Spirit. If you are like me and you have been in places where people are afraid to talk about the Holy Ghost (shhh!!) or the Holy Spirit (same Spirit — just two different names for Him!) then you have seen with your eyes one of the greatest deceptions of the evil one. If Satan can have us so deceived that we are afraid of the very power God has sent for us to be empowered to live VICTORIOUSLY over his ploys to defeat  followers of Jesus Christ, then he has it made, and we are of very little value to the Kingdom of Heaven.

If you want to know more about the Spirit-filled life, message me. I would love to tell you my story of healing and freedom. I also can connect you with some resources that will help you find freedom and healing too. I don’t want you to be a dead-man walking any longer. I want you to be VICTORIOUS in Christ Jesus! No more defeat! The blood of Jesus bought our freedom and it’s time for us to walk in that freedom!


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