a heart, longing for more of it's Lover.

“Kingdom Advancers”

We are not just called to plant seeds into the lives of those we touch.

She invested in the life of the young woman and the young woman accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. Soon thereafter, the young woman was unsure of what to do next in her walk — and neglected by other believers (unintentionally, I’m sure) she fell back into the old ways of living, soon forgetting about the desire to follow the Lord that one flickered in her heart like an unsteady flame. The embers no longer burning, the seed had been snatched and took no root.

We must be consistent in life-ministry (aka love-ministry) to protect the seeds.

The young man showed interest in the whole church-scene but had been hurt so much in the past that it was hard to trust anyone…especially God. In light of the struggle to trust, there were older men in the church who seemed to be a constant source of encouragement for this young man. Something about them was just so genuine that he slowly found himself able to trust again — something he thought he would never do again. Finally, after months and months of the steadiness and authenticity of these older men of God, this young man became a believer and he continued trusting a little more each passing week for the rest of his years on this earth. The seed in him protected by authentic people who were steadfast in the Lord…ones who loved because God first loved them. They LIVED love.

Sometimes investing in lives isn’t seen with physical eyes. We invest on our knees.

The couple were both unbelievers when they married. They were so excited with the announcement of the bundle of joy that would be an addition to their small family. What a shattering, heart-wrenching reality hit when their sweet little one miscarried. No words can comfort a mother who feels as if she wasn’t good enough or a father who has lost his dreams of having daddy’s little girl. Nothing can take away or ease the ache of empty arms or a broken heart except God Himself. Another couple who knew them from work held them and cried with them and urged them to come to their worship gathering with them. The unbelieving couple refused for weeks. The friends spent hours that no one could see on their knees, crying out to God for comfort, for peace, and that God would minister to them and draw them unto Himself. The couple, over time, began to have the tiniest desire to seek God for the peace they so desperately needed…and because of the battle their friends fought in a quiet place on their knees — they came to find the One who not only brought healing to them…but they found that He made it possible for them to have another little one — one they got to hold, to love, and to teach to love their God.

The Scriptures say we do not wrestle against flesh and blood — we are fighting a spiritual battle as we pray for and love the people around us unconditionally!

The young boy came from a troubled home. Broken and damaged in every way one could imagine was this young boy’s heart and spirit. The ones who prayed for this battered life were truly fighting for his salvation. In the spiritual realm, these believers were standing, firmly, all around the cowering little boy. Each time a prayer was spoken with the Living Word of God, a sword was swung at the powers of darkness. Each passionate cry for mercy in the Name of Jesus would make the powers of darkness to cower and to falter in their attack of the young life. Confident prayers would hold back the powers of darkness and glory would fall onto the young boy. Mercy and grace abounded where hatred and brokenness was once the normality. However, these prayer warriors found that when the fervent prayers were neglected or when they wavered, the powers of darkness again began to press in, hurling fiery darts of wickedness towards the young boy. The intercession was exhausting at times — but the salvation of this young boy was dependent, even if just for a season, on the intercessory prayers of the saints.

We must press in. We must love the way Christ loved. We must be steadfast. We must be persistent. We must pray with others and in the secret place. Someone else’s eternity is dependent upon it! God gives every measure of strength, faith, and endurance that we need for the work — through His Holy Spirit. What a mission! What an honor and privilege! How exciting to be called to advance in the Kingdom of Almighty God — In the Name of Jesus we win!!


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