a heart, longing for more of it's Lover.


My struggle with loneliness has been something God has been helping me to overcome over the past couple of years as I have been learning about the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Tonight though, I was overcome with the familiar yearnings that come with the pangs of loneliness once again. I pulled up and did a search on loneliness in the blog portion of John Piper’s site. Tears began to stream down my cheeks as God redirected my gaze from my plight to His face. Below, I am going to share the notes I jotted down from this blog post.

Jesus Christ knew loneliness much earlier in His life than the night He spent in Gethsemane. All was not harmonious in His life, especially in His home. He had sinful parents and sinful siblings. Self-consciousness had to have arisen with Jesus’ brothers and sisters as they realized His perfection. He was the target of much criticism among his peers as well.

NO ONE ON EARTH COULD IDENTIFY WITH CHRIST. Not one person could tell Jesus that they knew what He was going through. How many times have I asked God why I was so different? How many times have I longed to be “normal?” Oh how thankful I am to know that Jesus knows. He KNOWS.

Jesus reached the climax of loneliness when He became sin for us on the cross and His Father (God) turned away from Him. Jesus went from estrangement for being sinless to estrangement for being sin. Jesus knew supreme rejection and loneliness.

He can sympathize with you and me. (Hebrews 4:15)

Jesus does not just understand our loneliness! He is DEMOLISHING it! Because He was alienated from God and man, we will enjoy the full family fellowship of God and all redeemed saints forever!

Take heart, dear one. He has already known your loneliness and mine. Now? He sits with His Father, praying for you and I. Who better to pray for us than the One who knows our pain better than we do ourselves?


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One thought on “Loneliness

  1. Christy on said:

    Again, beautiful insights! He truly knows all our pain, and can help us through it, if we let him!

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