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So you call yourself a Christian?

So many people call themselves Christians. (Please keep in mind that what I am about to say is something that I have already been dealing with in me. I never want anything I post to seem as “holier than thou” because I am of the lowliest.) How can one call himself/herself a child of God if they do not act as one? What does a child of God look and act like? Look through the New Testament at the First Church. Better yet, look at the life of Christ in the Gospels. (For, we ARE supposed to be striving to live like Him, right?) Where does your life match up? Where does it lack?

There is a beautiful family in the Dominican Republic. They are very near to my heart. I know them by name, and I know what they do. I can say I am part of their family until I am blue in the face, but not one of you would believe me because my skin is a different color. My facial features are different. I cannot speak their language smoothly enough to pass as a member of that Dominican family. Do you see where I am going with this?

No. We are not perfect. Yes, we are human. However, when the Lord Jesus Christ died as the perfect Sacrifice, once and for all, and rose from the grave — He purchased for us a victory and sent to live inside of us the One through Whom we can learn to walk in victory! In other words, when Jesus ascended into Heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to be our Teacher and our Enabler. He shows us and helps us to walk in a supernatural victory.

God knows that we aren’t perfect. He knows that we will fail. This is why He gave us the Holy Spirit. But guys, it’s not enough to just HAVE the Holy Spirit! We must activate Him, if you will. Let me try to explain this to you. Most of us have been in some sort of class or training. You had to study to learn a way to accomplish a task or to understand a concept. This took time, and devotion. For me, it took reading a textbook, memorizing some facts so I could remember them in time of testing, and also taking advantage of helpful sources like dictionaries, teachers, and mentors. You with me? Remembering those days?

Go with me on this. We must invest time in our relationship with the Lord (through the Holy Spirit. He is our connection to the Father.) How do you think we would be able to stand in the time of testing in life if we haven’t invested time in memorizing the Word the Father has so lovingly given us to keep us strong? How can we even make it through our days of trodding through this unfair, despicable world that we live in if we do not READ the Word? How is it possible for one to keep from falling at the slightest storm in their life if they do not SPEAK to the power source He has given us, called the Holy Spirit? God has not called us to an impossible task. The Christian life might seem impossible to some…but that is because they have not searched the Scriptures or the heart of God for any answers hard enough. The Lord gives us every thing that we need in order to live life as He originally intended.

Now. God knows that it isn’t natural at all for us to desire to read, memorize, or study His Word…and it isn’t natural for us to talk to Him throughout our days. In fact, our flesh is wired to do the opposite. Between our own ‘self’ and the enemy who prowls around like a lion, seeking whom he may devour, it’s a battle. So here’s a secret. God LOVES for us to ASK Him for a desire to read His Word! He WANTS us to ask Him to deepen our passion for Him! He WANTS to hear us ask for Him to give us the devotion to run after His heart…and it gives Him even MORE PLEASURE TO ANSWER THOSE CRIES. 

So. Here’s a challenge for you and I alike. Let’s ask God to train our minds to be focused on Him. For Him to be the number one priority…above all else. Ask Him to shake our realities…until His is the only one that remains. For Him to cause the things of this earth to fade in importance in comparison to Him. For us to be sensitive to the work of His Holy Spirit, and to what He has to teach us as we study and memorize the Word…so that we will be strong in times of storm and testing.

Maybe you have already begun to do this, like I have. This is a prayer that will never expire. Our entire lives are a journey of running after the heart of the Lord. We can never be too close. So never cease in asking Him for these things.

Love and prayers, friends.


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One thought on “So you call yourself a Christian?

  1. Oh yes. Yes yes yes. Living like Christ is one of the hardest things there is, but it’s soo worth it. The fulfillment He gives, and the way He blesses when we obey Him are far, far better than anything we might gain by living in the flesh. Praise His name, He is so good!!
    Very well written, love, thank you for sharing your heart!! ❤

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