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Obliterate. This word came up in something I was reading today and it seemed to jump off the screen into my mind. I’ve heard this word before but it’s not a normal part of my vocabulary. I looked it up.

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, to “obliterate” means;
1.) To remove utterly from recognition or memory
2.) To remove from existence : destroy utterly all trace, indication, or significance of
(empasis mine)

Interesting how the top two definitions listed include the word “utterly.” Strong words used here. “Remove,” “destroy,” “utterly,” “all trace, indication, or significance.” Basically, to wipe the existence from ever being known, seen, heard, or experienced.

As I have mulled over this word and it’s meaning I couldn’t help but think what I would like to have “obliterated” from my life. Sure, I could say something like “I would like for my terrible past with my father (or lack thereof) to be obliterated. Wiped from my memory and my heart…leaving behind no trace of pain or any scars from a shattered heart.” Or I could request for my bad choices to be the object of obliteration. “I want the decision I made to gossip about that person to be obliterated. I’d like to capture those negative words and remove them from existence.” In all honesty, those would probably have been answers I would have given a couple of years ago, but I’m learning (still learning) that those are the ways that God brings Romans 8:28 to life. “He works all things together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.” Without those afflictions, or the consequences of my bad choices – heartbreak, and trials — I would not be as close to Him as I am…and I would not be an effective witness of Who He is; for if I had always had an easy life, how could I tell you that God is a Father to the fatherless? How could I tell you that He truly IS the Friend who sticks closer than a brother? How could I testify to you that He is Healer, Provider, and Savior? Comforter, Peace, Strength, Steadfast Hope, and Love is this God and I can only tell you this because I have been in the desperate moments where He was all I had.

So, no. I do not wish for those things to be obliterated.

I will tell you what I have decided I would obliterate if given the opportunity. The old man. Colossians 3 speaks on these things. (Especially vs 9-10.) We are commanded to put off the “old man.” The old sinful nature. When we become children of God Almighty, we are made new. New creations. New men. Why would we choose to carry around death and sin with us when Jesus already bore them for us and we can walk in His freedom and victory? Yet, we are flesh. We are failing human creatures. To die to the old sinful nature is a decision and choice that we must make multiple times a day.

I do not think that complete obliteration of the sinful nature will be complete until the day that He calls us home — but we should strive to make the choices that will starve the flesh and feed the spirit every single day…being ever thankful for His grace and mercy when we fail…and being ever thankful when we make the right decision…because even the obedience is done in the power of His Holy Spirit. It’s all about Him!

Oh, to choose to die to self and thrive spiritually is not easy, but so, so very worth it. There is nothing sweeter than dwelling with the Word. Jesus.

He is all in all. Everything that we need. Glory to Him.


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One thought on “Obliteration

  1. It has been TOO long since I’ve visited your loverly blog! How many great posts I’ve missed!!!! (I may or may not be about to spam you again, haha;))
    I really loved this one – I realized just a couple days ago that I would not change anything about my past. All of the trials and heartbreaks and hurts and changes are there for a reason (even if they came from me making bad choices) and I would not be who I am today without them. God is truly soo good, always using everything bad and turning it into something beautiful. Glory to His name!! ❤

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