a heart, longing for more of it's Lover.

All or Nothing.

All or Nothing.

I keep coming back to this scripture. “All or Nothing” is a familiar and cliche phrase that we hear from a very young age. However, when the Lord adds that into His Word through the pen of a man inspired by the Holy Spirit, He doesn’t mean it lightly or cliche at all.

How often must I have overlooked this before. This is saying that we either give 100% or we give in vain. Your 87%? It doesn’t matter if it was completed in good efforts…it is in vain. Your 99%? Sure, in math, that rounds up to 100%…but in God’s eyes, it is nothing. If you do not give Him all — you choose to give Him nothing.


God, teach me how to live a life of 100% devotion to You. I want to honor You with every part of my being and all of my life! You are so worthy — and there is none beside You! Change my heart, Oh God. Make it completely transparent and fully on fire for You alone! Be glorified in me! This is my heart’s cry!


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